“The Revolution of Possibles”

“The Revolution of Possibles”

During the most strange presidential campaign possibly ever, we have missed to praise another one that shall represent the rightful democratic process we all look for and expect on this country. The primaries to elect the presidential candidate from the democratic party brought plenty of moments that truly show us how the political process in a democracy shall work. But for me the big question is What´s Next?.

What I see, regardless the multiple opinions of how we got there is that Hillary and Bernie have found a way to keep the flame of the revolution on. I believe that Sen. Sanders have an important role to play on Hillary administration. So far they have work together to improve Hillary platform and work plan on the areas that Bernie champion during the campaign. What next them, i think that as Bernie supporters we have a moral obligation to maintain the flame of the revolution, even more to turn that flame into a firestorm. We need to go back and review not what we wish it was but what can actually can be. The revolution still going and we can take it to the next level. The Democratic party is the only one that can further the Revolution.

Do not let the dream die, don’t stop the revolution now. Stand Up and Vote.


Millennials, Generation Y: “Moment of True”

Millennials, Generation Y: “Moment of True”

Millennials, everyone seems to know something about them. They have been label the ME,ME,ME or full entitlement generation. But who they really are? What do millennials mean for the future of this nation, more over for the future of the World.

Well I can only speak for my self and what i know and believe. What do they mean to me? We have work hard and long to make sure our children have at their disposal all the opportunities we missed or we put aside to be sure they have it some day. We provide all they need and many times also what they do not. We do it because we have an obligation to continue the labor and commitment of our parents and the ones before them. To better our lives for our children, to contribute to society and the equality of rights and benefits for all. So, our children has grown to become young adults with a vision and expectation of the future that is pure and simple. We are all equals, so equal opportunity is given, that serving others is more important than other serving us.Yes, it maybe that their expectations come across as entitlements sometimes but this is a small price to pay so our children can actually live in a better society than the one we inherit.

So what do millennials means to me, they represent the opportunity of many past generations to become one for a single moment in history, for a single moment to pay respect to the generations before us that put all hopes and dreams into this nation. For a single moment for future generations to look back with respect and appreciation for those that when the moment show up to decide who we are as a nation, choose the right American. It is not the time to wish we have other options or what our conscience dictates even if is not a realistic option, we do not have that luxury at this time. There is only one real option, the rest are opportunist and characters of the moment.

Millennials, take your rightful place on this historic moment. You are the social media generation, the new patriots of our times. Send the message to everyone, everywhere, to all corners of this nation and this planet. We will not be governed by hate, lies and social segregation by a few.


Stand up and Vote.


The Time has Come once more,…


The time has come once  more, for WE the people of this nation to look at the crossroads we found ourselves. Like our forefathers 240 years ago the time has come to make the most important decision of our lives.  This is the time when WE the common people raise to the challenge to defend what is our God given right to live in peace and to purse happiness.

We found our selves in a battle for the identity of this nation, even more in a battle to our own individual identities. We can not let a few extremist groups and individuals to highjack society and institutions. Vote is a right but is also a responsibility, there is no day off as is only one every 4 years and we need to make it count.

Vote for the only option that really I available, the other one is just a basket of lies. Vote for Hilary Clinton, save the nation, save your self.