The Time has Come once more,…


The time has come once  more, for WE the people of this nation to look at the crossroads we found ourselves. Like our forefathers 240 years ago the time has come to make the most important decision of our lives.  This is the time when WE the common people raise to the challenge to defend what is our God given right to live in peace and to purse happiness.

We found our selves in a battle for the identity of this nation, even more in a battle to our own individual identities. We can not let a few extremist groups and individuals to highjack society and institutions. Vote is a right but is also a responsibility, there is no day off as is only one every 4 years and we need to make it count.

Vote for the only option that really I available, the other one is just a basket of lies. Vote for Hilary Clinton, save the nation, save your self.


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