“The Revolution of Possibles”

“The Revolution of Possibles”

During the most strange presidential campaign possibly ever, we have missed to praise another one that shall represent the rightful democratic process we all look for and expect on this country. The primaries to elect the presidential candidate from the democratic party brought plenty of moments that truly show us how the political process in a democracy shall work. But for me the big question is What´s Next?.

What I see, regardless the multiple opinions of how we got there is that Hillary and Bernie have found a way to keep the flame of the revolution on. I believe that Sen. Sanders have an important role to play on Hillary administration. So far they have work together to improve Hillary platform and work plan on the areas that Bernie champion during the campaign. What next them, i think that as Bernie supporters we have a moral obligation to maintain the flame of the revolution, even more to turn that flame into a firestorm. We need to go back and review not what we wish it was but what can actually can be. The revolution still going and we can take it to the next level. The Democratic party is the only one that can further the Revolution.

Do not let the dream die, don’t stop the revolution now. Stand Up and Vote.



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